Cherokee Medical Scrubs

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At ScrubHaven, we offer uniforms and accessories for medical professionals for any medical field! Our selection of surgical scrub sets online and in-store are offered at unbeatable prices. As a family-owned business in Philadelphia, we take pride in providing scrubs and medical uniform supplies to hardworking medical professionals like doctors, nurses, dentists, veterinarians and many more. Our store in Philly is a convenient way for residents who live or work in or around the Philadelphia area to come in and try on different makes and styles of medical scrubs and lab coats. In addition to our store, ScrubHaven has a larger online selection for medical professionals to conveniently shop online from home. Popular styles such as the classic Grey’s Anatomy scrubs and brands like Cherokee are available to purchase through ScrubHaven online store.

Cherokee Scrubs Online

Buy Cherokee scrubs online through Scrubhaven to get the best Cherokee medical scrubs available at the the best prices with free shipping! Cherokee medical uniforms have a simple yet elegant look and feel to them. These scrubs are interchangeable, versatile, comfortable while also stylish for any medical professional to mix and match if they choose. Our Cherokee scrubs come in different forms such as tops, bottoms, coats, jackets, and other accessories such as socks and pantyhose. Browse through all the different top styles such as the common V-neck or crew neck tops. Cherokee tops can range from simple to elegant with their V-neck button tops and V-neck color block tops to add different styles into your work scrubs. With various styles and sizes, ScrubHaven offers Cherokee brand scrubs for both men and women. Shop online for Cherokee men’s scrubs today to buy the perfect style men's scrubs for any medical field. From drawstring scrub pants to warm black and custom color block zip-up jackets, Cherokee brand scrub sets and accessories can be found at great prices online with us at ScrubHaven. Shop online with us today to find your favorite styles of Cherokee scrubs!