IMEVA Footwear

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Oil & Slip Resistant rubber outsole. Removable EVA insole with ventilation holes. IMEVA lightweight upper & midsole construction provides exceptional cushioning, shock absorption and all day comfort. Printed Anywear logo on insole lining. Logo on the top head of snap. The Insoles top fabric is Anti Microbial treated to reduce odor-causing bacteria. Removable and padded heel strap provides comfort and universal fit. Vent holes in the side panel allows air to pass through inside of shoe. Strategically placed elastics provide a universal fit. Heel height: 1

100% Cotton

Gender: Unisex

Brand: Anywear

Collection: Range

Style Number: RANGE
RANGE<br> IMEVA Footwear
RANGE<br> IMEVA Footwear
RANGE<br> IMEVA Footwear

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