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Handcrafted Since 1971 | Lifetime Warranty | Latex Free. The MDF Trömner Hammer > Light > HDP Handle is a versatile 4-in-1 dual mallet-type reflex hammer designed for eliciting myotatic and cutaneous responses in adult and pediatric patients. The ergonomic light HDP handle provides the user with greater control during percussion. This updated design is based on the classic reflex hammer invented by Ernst L.O. Trömner, MD, a director of the Neurological Hospital at St. George and professor at the University of Hamburg. Head: The balance-weighted chrome-plated zinc-alloy, outfitted with large and small mallets constructed of soft silicone. Handle: The ergonomic lightweight HDP handle is precisely balanced for increased control of percussion force for eliciting myotatic reflexes. Babinski Tip: The pointed Babinski-style tip elicits superficial or cutaneous responses, plantar and abdominal reflexes. Brush: The built-in removable brush at the base of the handle to elicit cutaneous reflexes.

Gender: Unisex
Style Number: MDF555P
Brand: MDF
Collection: Reflex Hammers
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