Eko Core Digital Stethoscope

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Demand More From a Stethoscope

Sleeker. Lighter. More powerful than ever. The redesigned CORE delivers clinicians the highest quality acoustic and digital stethoscope sounds while maintaining a smooth workflow. Toggle between traditional analog examination and heart and lung sounds enhanced through 40X amplification. New Active Noise Cancellation technology helps reduce background noise, so stethoscope signals are rich and clear, even in noisy clinical settings.

In addition, the redesigned CORE features a new one-touch record button that makes it effortless to capture sounds. The data that CORE collects streams wirelessly to a clinician’s smartphone or tablet for audible and visual analysis via Eko’s clinician-friendly software. Easily save or share sound waveforms for a second opinion. CORE Digital Stethoscope arrives fully assembled to enable every doctor and clinician to provide the best cardiovascular care possible.


  • Made of lightweight aluminum and polycarbonate thermoplastic
  • Redesigned to be 25% smaller and 30% lighter
  • Eko Core digital device with attached single-head analog stethoscope
  • This product is not compatible with Bluetooth hearing aids
  • 1-year manufacturer warranty
  • FDA Cleared, ISO 13485 and MDSAP certified
  • Does not include iPhone
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Includes mobile app
  • Latex-free


  • 7 Amplification levels
  • Active noise cancellation
  • .WAV and .PDF file formats
  • Audio amplification in digital mode
  • Includes adult, pediatric diaphragm and bell
  • Provides seamless analog and digital sound
  • Capture 15, 30, 60, or 120 second recordings
  • Visualize phonocardiogram recordings in real-time
  • Securely share recordings for a second opinion
  • Able to create a customized library of heart sounds
  • Wirelessly transmits the stethoscope audio via Bluetooth LE™ to a smartphone or tablet
  • Mobile App compatible with smartphones and tablets with iOS 11 or Android 5.0 and up
  • Web app compatible with current versions of Chrome, Safari, Firefox and Edge

Gender: Unisex
Style Number: COR201
Brand: EKO
Collection: Stethoscope Parts

Eko Core Digital Stethoscope
Eko Core Digital Stethoscope
Eko Core Digital Stethoscope
Eko Core Digital Stethoscope
Eko Core Digital Stethoscope
Eko Core Digital Stethoscope
Eko Core Digital Stethoscope
Eko Core Digital Stethoscope