MDF Reflex Hammers MDF Babinski Telescoping 2.0 Hammer - MDF535XT

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Handcrafted Since 1971 | Lifetime Warranty | Latex Free. MDF has re-invented the original Babinski hammer by adding a patented Spring-loaded Locking System (SLS) to securely lock the articulating head into place while in use. MDF also added a robust telescoping handle that is wider and thicker to withstand the force of repeated striking. This patented and newly designed hammer enables practitioner to strike with greater precision and less effort while also providing increased patient comfort. Head: The articulating Babinski Hammer head is surmounted with a chrome-plated brass disc grooved to house the silicone bumper and is weighted for more controlled striking. It can be used in positions both perpendicular and parallel to the shaft. Handle: The sturdy telescoping handle offers convenience and added functionality. Brush: The built-in brush at the base of the handle can be easily removed to elicit cutaneous reflexes.

Gender: Unisex
Style Number: MDF535XT
Brand: MDF
Collection: Reflex Hammers
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MDF Reflex Hammers Unisex MDF Babinski Telescoping 2.0 Hammer - MDF535XT - ScrubHaven