MDF Sphygmomanometers MDF Iconica Palm Aneroid Sphygmomanomete - MDF848IC

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The iconic benchmark in its class. This is the original Bosch + Sohn™ masterpiece that has been often imitated but never equaled. A collaboration between industry pioneers—Bosch + Sohn™ and MDF® Instruments—brings you the world’s most recognizable and respected sphygmomanometer. The gauge is made entirely in Germany, backed by the tradition of craftsmanship and heritage of excellence of over half a century. It is an instrument for those who pursue perfection and value unrivaled precision. From the workshop in Junigen, Germany to the palm of your hand, it is a work of art brought to you exclusively by MDF® Instruments.

Gender: Unisex
Style Number: MDF848IC
Brand: MDF
Collection: Sphygmomanometers
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MDF Sphygmomanometers Unisex MDF Iconica Palm Aneroid Sphygmomanomete - MDF848IC - ScrubHaven