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ScrubHaven is a family-owned medical uniform shop serving medical professionals such as yourselves since 2005. Our mission is to fashionably dress those who serve others while providing high quality customer service that continues to bring you back here, to our store! 

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We offer the best of the scrub world right at your fingertips. Dickies, Cherokee, Grey's Anatomy, Landau, Urbane, Littmann, MDF and ADC Stethoscopes and several others available. 

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Custom Medical Uniforms

ScrubHaven is a one-stop shop for medical professionals to shop for wholesale scrubs online. At ScrubHaven, we offer wholesale surgical scrubs for customers to shop directly online or in our store. Conveniently located in Philadelphia, ScrubHaven’s store provides medical uniforms and surgical scrubs ranging from scrub tops to scrub bottoms for women and men. Our online shop offers a wide variety of scrub sets with different styles and brands such as the popular wholesale Grey’s Anatomy Scrubs and tall scrubs. If you’re new to the medical industry and need plain scrubs, look no further. At ScrubHaven we know shopping for scrubs that are comfortable but versatile can be difficult and expensive. Shop unisex scrub tops with us to find plain but comfortable scrubs and lab coats for any environment. Our online shop offers convenient free shipping of wholesale medical uniforms for all busy medical staff. Whether you’re a doctor, nurse, dentist or veterinarian, our scrub sets can be customized to fit your style for any time of the year!

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Custom scrub tops and scrub bottoms for the holidays and seasons can brighten anyone's day in the medical industry, including patients! Our store doesn’t just stop at scrubs, shop wholesale lab coats directly online with us to find the perfect lab coat that fits for you. The custom medical uniforms in our Philly storefront are a convenient way to stop in and shop for the perfect scrubs before a long shift. Shop custom women's scrub bottoms online to get custom scrub sets that you can mix and match at any time. At ScrubHaven, men too can buy custom medical uniforms! Shop men’s scrubs for sale online or tall scrubs and get free shipping with your purchase. ScrubHaven is a locally owned family business in Philadelphia aimed at providing the best custom medical uniforms both in store and online for any medical staff needs. Shop our wholesale Grey’s Anatomy scrubs and medical uniforms with us today!