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Located in Philadelphia, PA, ScrubHaven provides a large selection of scrub pants to choose from for Men and Women. Scrub pants should be comfortable, stretchy and durable while maintaining high quality and fashion. Choosing the right scrubs isn’t always easy and sometimes it can be downright frustrating. ScrubHaven carries scrub pants for every body shape and style. Our team of dedicated professionals at ScrubHaven can help you pick the perfect scrubs and scrub pants that provide you comfort, style and safety. ScrubHaven is an authorized vendor for name brand medical uniform manufacturers including Dickies, Cherokee, Grey's Anatomy, Barco, HeartSoul, Skechers, Landau, Urbane, etc. and is therefore able to provide these name brand scrub bottoms for unbeatable prices. 

Scrubs are the sanitary clothes worn by surgeons, nurses, physicians and other healthcare providers involved in patient care. These scrubs were originally designed for the surgeons and other operating room persons. Wearing scrubs have become a badge of the profession now, like wearing a white coat or carrying a stethoscope. It wasn’t until 1918 when the Spanish flu raised the possibility of the spread of infection that doctors began to wear protective clothing. Doctors were primarily men, and they would perform procedures wearing their regular clothes. They didn’t use aprons or sterilized clothes. In the 1940s, cleanliness in the operating room became important, and that was reflected by the white aprons and clothing worn by medical staff.

Scrub pants can be generally categorized into those that have a drawstring, those with an elastic waist and those that have bottoms.  Drawstring pants have a string that may be tied to hold it in place. Typically, the drawstring is loose when not being used, and tightened when needed during use. Scrub pants with elastic waist comes with a waistband that is either elastic or some other confining fabric that encircles the waist. This ensures a tighter hold of the pants around the wearer's waist. 

The best scrub pants are functional and stylish, but finding this winning combination can be really difficult. Taking measurements is one thing that’s critically important and you need to be careful about those measurements. You should always make sure that when you measure yourself, whatever garment you are buying has anywhere from three to six inches of ease. (Meaning, 3-6 inches more material than your leg length.) Most retailers online put up size charts that you can use to figure out your size using your body measurement charts. If your body measures to those measurements, it tells you which size you should purchase. Pants are such a critical component of any wardrobe and has become a huge focus in the last several years.

Here are some tips on how to measure yourself before purchasing pants: 

Measure your waist: Measure just under the natural waistline while making sure that you are not pulling the tape measure too tight.
Measure your Hips: Stand with your feet together and measure around the fullest part of the hips.

Measure the Inseam/ length: Measure along the inside of the leg to an inch below the ankle.

Most major brands offer regular, petite and tall sizes to ensure you can find the perfect fit no matter what. 

Regular pants are normally for those individuals who are better 5”5” to 5”8” in height. 

Petite pants are intended for those who are 5'4" and shorter, these scrubs feature shorter hems but use the same sizing conventions as regular length pants otherwise.

Tall pants are for individuals who are 5'9" and taller, these bottoms feature longer hems but use the same sizing conventions as regular length pants otherwise.

Once you’ve taken your measurements and decided on the right size, it’s time to choose a brand, fit, style and color. ScrubHaven works directly with brand name scrub manufactures including Dickies, Cherokee, Grey’s Anatomy, Landau, Barco, Urbane, etc. and our partners are continuously growing. Whatever your preference may be, ScrubHaven can help you find the right pair of scrub pants. 

Men usually have a difficult time finding scrub pants due to the lack of availability. Many scrub stores carry a lower inventory of Men’s scrubs resulting in this issue. At ScrubHaven, we carry one of the largest selections of Men’s scrub pants in the area.

There is a correlation between what you wear and how impactful you are at work. Medical Uniforms & Scrubs, can impact your appearance and what others think of you too. If you like the scrubs you are wearing, the better you feel about yourself and your work. That can lead to a better work environment for you and your colleagues. Our team at ScrubHaven can help you achieve that. Please click on one of the links above to be directed to Men’s scrub pants or Women’s scrub pants. Please note that both pages will show a narrowed down list of unisex options. 

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